Soft, Feminine and Different

Posted by Jenny on 23rd Mar 2018

Many of us wear bracelets and necklaces. When we found these, we just couldn't resist stocking them for you.What actually caught our eye was the fact that the personalised face inserts are interchangeable.An image can be added onto the insert for the bracelet based on any photo or graphic you desire.Give a personalised bracelet with a photo or a personal message to someone you love to show how much you care.Upload the photo using the link, or write us a message in the comments if you w
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Make Work Easier

Posted by Kevin & Jenny Day on 14th Feb 2018

Of course we have heard the expression “work smarter not harder”, but have we actually tried to do just that.Hopefully, I might be able to start you on the right path, at least head you down that way anyway.With a few little tips and tricks these little apps (mostly free) will help not only your business but around your home as well.iPhone voice recorderI know what it’s like to be rushing from one meeting to the next and all of a sudden a massive great thought enters your head, but guess
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Monsters and Dolls What a Combination!

Posted by Kevin & Jenny Day on 30th Jan 2018

Having energetic kids is wonderful and having a toy that suits their personality is fantastic.Making your money go further is what we are about here at Cheese and Pickles The Personalised Gift StoreWhen choosing a Personalised Gift there are a couple of steps to think of first.*Cost has a major part to play in gift giving, we here at Cheese and Pickles The Personalised Gift Shop take time in making sure our embroidered gifts are what you ask for and that they will last. So, our in-house
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What To Do With The Kids Over Christmas

Posted by Jenny Day on 11th Dec 2017

Well summer is with us and it’s hot and soon the kids will be playing on the beach or in backyards in all their glory.Just imagine what Christmas was like when we were kids growing up in Australia?Fun, games and plenty of free time for play and sunshine.That type of thing is not heard much of these days, it's opening pressies, thanking everyone for beautiful gifts and then the kids retire to their technical devices. What a shame, if only they knew what they were missing out on mum's and dad's.It
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Dress It Up

Posted by Jenny Day on 16th Oct 2017

We all have those drawers filled with bits and pieces, but wouldn't it be wonderful to just to be able to reach out and grab what you want when you want it?You know, those drawers where you have to pull everything out just to find one thing or push past a whole heap of papers and pens to see whats underneath.Maybe a few Personalised Pencil Holders from Cheese and Pickles - Your Personalised Gift Store can help!This time when you get to the stage of throwing everything out, DON"T (some yes hehe)&
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