Three Things That Get Me Through My day

Posted by Jenny Day on 21st May 2018

Like you I still need to regenerate myself to get going after a good nights sleep first thing in the morning, waking in the morning and after looking out the window into the fields of farms beyond it is definitely time to start the day. Such a beautiful view.And i am sure everyone has their own morning rituals that get them through the day, and I know you probably have the same ritual I do.So I can only state it best in list form for you and go from there.*************1/ Coffee 2/ Phone 3/
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All Those Things You Wanted To Ask Us About

Posted by Jenny Day on 11th May 2018

I am sending you a lovely warm deep virtual cup of tea/coffee and answer some of your questions. So sit back and relax and let's hope that I can answer your queries.We have been told by many different people that it is hard to know where to start. As they always say, start at the beginning. So here goes!Where is the Personalisation done?The Personalisation we do here at Cheese and Pickles - The Personalised Gift Store is done right here in Australia - right in your own backyard as the saying
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Looking For that Hard To Find Gift For Mum

Posted by Jenny Day on 2nd May 2018

Are you having trouble finding that certain gift that is special for your mum?Now we all know our mum's do more than we know, and we would like to get her the very best of everything but that kinda cuts into the apron strings at times, so here at Cheese and Pickles The Personalised Online Gift Store we are here to help.I know one thing I would like for Mothers Day, and I suppose being a grandmother it kinda goes with the territory. But my wish would be "to have my grandchildren put their tiny ar
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Personalised Angel Teddy Bear

Posted by Jenny Day on 24th Apr 2018

Knowing you were the giver of a beautiful gift that was chosen for the right event can make all the difference. Well you can choose the most appropriate gift for any occasion from Cheese & Pickles.Fancy the thought of walking into the church for a Christening, Naming Day or Baptism and there you see it, your gorgeous gift sitting pride of place at the front of the ceremony.Whether it be in a church or outside, the feeling would be the same, "excitement".And when it comes to birthdays, let Che
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Add Style To Your Cooking

Posted by Kevin & Jenny on 12th Apr 2018

Photo by Jennie BrownFeeling like your in the moment, or you're the top dog at something is an awesome feeling. Being in the moment when you place that Apron on gives you a feeling of domesticity. It also helps with your mindset to set off on the right path to whatever we do.We all love to cook those little cakes and surprise meals. Why not add a bit of sparkle to your hum drum day with the right topping, just like the cakes above?Wearing an Apron is unpretentious and authentic. It can be as pla
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